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Community Guidelines


Our mission is to inspire entrepreneurs by providing them with powerful content through a virtual medium led by industry experts, entrepreneurs, celebrities and athletes. We welcome entrepreneurs from around the globe to discover new and insightful ideas to help grow their business and their personal well-being. Aspire For More™ is built around of diverse members that that invoke ideas, creativity, products and services that connect entrepreneurs.


To help ensure a safe, trustworthy, and vibrant experience, we maintain a set of Community Guidelines that include rules and standards for using the Aspire Fore More™ app.

The guidelines apply to everyone and everything on our platform. They are informed by international legal frameworks, industry best practices, and input from our community, and safety experts. We evolve them to address emerging risks and potential harms that may occur from new behaviors within the virtual environment.


Our guidelines are built around providing a trustworthy, safe and growth driven environment. If you are ever in doubt about what to share, keep in mind this core value — “be kind and treat others the way that you would want to be treated.”


Our community principles are simple, we want to prevent harm yet enable free expression. We want to foster an environment of civility by respecting content and championing inclusion all while protecting individual privacy.

Violent Behaviors and Criminal Activities

The Aspire For More™ app was intended to bring entrepreneurs together, therefore we are committed moderating any content that may lead to physical conflict. We understand online content can cause real-world harm. We do not allow any violent threats, incitement to violence, or promotion of criminal activities that may harm people, animals, or property. If there is a specific, credible, and imminent threat to human life or serious physical injury, we report it to relevant law enforcement authorities.

Hate Speech and Hateful Behaviors

The Aspire For More™ community brings together entrepreneurs from all walks of life. We ask our members to respect our individual differences, rather than cause division. We do not allow any hateful behavior, hate speech, or promotion of hateful ideologies. This includes content that attacks a person or group because of protected attributes, including but not limited to, Caste, Ethnicity, National Origin, Race, Religion, Tribe, Immigration Status, Gender, Gender Identity, Sex, Sexual Orientation, Disability, Serious Disease, or Political Affiliation.

Harassment and Bullying

Aspire For More™ welcomes the expression of different viewpoints, as long as it is done in a respectful manner. We do not tolerate toxicity or trolling in any way. We want to ensure that anyone can share their voice without the fear of being degraded or bullied. We do not allow language or behavior that harasses, humiliates, threatens, or doxes anyone. This also includes responding to such acts with retaliatory harassment.

If you or someone you know is being bullied, help is available.

Integrity and Authenticity

We want everyone in our diverse community to have the utmost confidence that they can access information that is reliable, original, and engage with people who are authentic and like-minded. This is foundational to building a community of trust and accountability.

Regulated Goods and Commercial Activities

We want every Aspire For More™ community member to have access to information that can support them in making informed choices. Whether it be for personal, professional and/or financial reasons. To ensure we provide a space for people to learn without undue risk of physical or financial harm, we moderate content that involves goods or activities that may be risky, addictive, dangerous, or fraudulent.

Frauds and Scams

We want our community members to be able to use our platform to enrich their personal and professional well-being and educate themselves about way to be financially responsible, grow their business and consider economic transactions or investment opportunities, without worrying about scams or financial exploitation. We do not allow attempts to defraud or scam members of our community.




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